A concept adjustable to your needs

68" 1,73m

32" 0,81m

73" 1,85m

60" 1,52m

The Gigrow can be controlled to produce 336, 240 or 144 plants. In addition, the machine for 336 plants can produce 672 or 1872 plants with special slabs for a continuous surface made of small plants up to 18 ".

Coconut substrates and other types of BIO ORGANIC substrates are available for all of these formats.


You can adjust your Gigrow to narrow the distance between the light source and plants.

336 plants

672 plants

1872 plants

240 plants

144 plants

Lighting by MH bulb, 2 x 600 watt HPS, 1000 watt, LED or others.


Use of rock wool cubes (4''x4''x2 1/2 ''). Various other substrates are also available.


Easy to install thanks to the installation guide with minimal tools required.


Easy to use with the development of provided specialized tools


Important space saving capacity

If we roll out the circle of 336 plants of the Gigrow system, we can appreciate a HUGE saving of space and light. Indeed, to allow the same amount of plants to grow on a flat surface like a NFT crop, in a pool or in a greenhouse, it takes about 3,5 times as much light and 4 times as much space!



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